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Bluehill’s London of Daystar’s Airies


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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!

Our little black snow bunny, London (assessing our 2ft of snow!)

 Bluehill Frenchies was born out of a love for these truly special little clowns that generously give of their funny expressions, noises, & love. As our love for this breed bloomed, so did our passion to raise and show these amazing little dogs.

Over the years I have been blessed as I have studied and read up on these characters to share and talk with so many others. We are members of our local Roanoke Kennel Club & have been thrilled to learn from more seasoned show & pet lovers of all breeds. I have enjoyed the rich education I have received and the friends I have made through the journey.

We are so grateful for the start that our friend, Darrel Tash (Daystar French Bulldogs) gave us with our two sweet boys! Our first boy we adopted from Darrel. His name is “Bluehill’s Major Daystar Prodigy” (Champion Daystar’s Baby Ruthie X Champion Daystar’s Highlander Fancibul). Our second boy, we bred our girl (Bluehill’s Milk and Honey of the Valley) to “Daystar’s Airies of Avilis Bloa” (#3 French Bulldog in 2003) and have been blessed way beyond what we could have hoped for with our sweet handsome boy, “Bluehill’s London of Daystar’s Airies”. Check both of our cuties out before you leave! 

All our dogs live with us in our home and are apart of our daily lives. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We breed for ourselves, but occasionally have pet and show quality French Bulldog puppies available for purchase to qualified homes.

Our dogs are bred to meet AKC standards for size, health, personality, and confirmation of the French Bulldog. When puppies become available for adoption, we offer pedigree information on both the sire and dam. Our Frenchie puppies will have up-to-date vaccinations, veterinarian’s health check and certificate, a 1 year genetic health guarantee, AKC registration, and lifetime support.

We do ship, although we’d prefer to have you come and meet us and your new puppy in person. We will be glad to work with you on the details of getting your puppy to you and making sure that the safety and welfare of the puppy comes first.

Please relax and enjoy our website, the Hill French Bulldog family, and our love of these “Frog Dogs”.

Have a Blessed Day,

John and Shannon Hill