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French Bulldogs or as the French say “Bouledogue Francais” are also called: “Frenchies”, “Frog Dogs, and “Clown Dogs”. They make wonderful pets, they are happy, loving & constantly amusing you with the funny things they do. Their muscular, compact, stocky bodies, beautiful smooshed faces and the trade mark bat ears really make them irresistible! French Bulldogs are small in size, but they are quite large in personality & truly are CLOWN dogs. They bring endless amounts of joy, love & laughter.



French Bulldogs are affectionate, playful, courageous, devoted, funny and BIG DOGS in little bodies.

Are they good with children? Frenchies are born to love, but as with anything else Frenchies will be as good with your kids as you teach your child to be with them and visa versa…Remember that teaching our children and dogs what is right and wrong from the beginning will make great kids and great dogs.


Are they good with other dogs? Yes for the most part, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some can be dog aggressive and some like to hunt down chickens, squirrels, birds, etc…


Are they good with other cats? Again, it depends on the dog and the cat, yet even though we don’t have cats, we have heard of many who do and their Frenchies get along great with them.


The French Bulldog’s size and temperment make them ideal as a household pet. They readily adjust to apartment life or to a large house. It is best , if possible, for them to have at least a small fenced yard to run and play in. They are affectionate and like to be near their humans. They are usually mellow and gentle, but always ready to play. They are intelligent, but some can be stubborn. Training is a must!


An important distinction should be made between the temperment and behavior. Temperment reflects the general behavior of the breed, qualities acquired at birth. Behavior is most often the result of the environmental factors, such as where and how the dog was raised and who may have been it’s previous owners. French Bulldogs are as susceptible to these environmental influences as any other dog.


Home Environment: Frenchies make excellent pets for either apartments or homes, and they are comfortable as either city dogs or country dwellers. Frenchies in any environment have one overwhelming need, and that is to be in close contact with the person they love. Due to their inability to tolerate either extreme cold or extreme heat, it is not a consideration to house a Frenchie outdoors. Regardless of temperature, a French Bulldog is happiest when with it’s owner, and they enjoy long walks or car drives as much as any breed of dog you may hope to meet.


Grooming, Upkeep, and Training: It requires minimal coat care, but it’s facial wrinkles should be regularly cleaned, their butts should be wiped as the tail can get dirty when they eliminate. Monthly baths and weekly brushing should suffice. Frenchies grooming needs are very minimal since shedding is light and mostly seasonal. French Bulldogs teeth and nails should be tended to regularly. Some will house train quicker than others…all one has to do is encourage their natural inclination to be the ideal household pet with consistency in housebreaking and training.

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Size: There are no Mini-Frenchies…the AKC has a standard…18-28lbs. Can some be smaller? SURE..Can some be bigger? SURE..but that is what the standard calls for. They very in sizes from bulky, wide, stocky, and cobby to taller, rangier with a long body..it all depends. Height is average of 12 inches.


Colors: French Bulldogs come in a gorgeous arrany of colors. In fact, ALL are allowed in the show ring, with the exception of: Black (meaning with out a single white or other colored hair), Liver, & Mouse. In reality, these color distinctions are relevant only in the show ring. A dog with any of those characteristics could make as equally wonderful a pet as any of the more common brindles, Creams, or Pieds. Click Here for different pictures of different Frenchie coat colors.
*For a more detailed discussion of the standard for the French Bulldog please consult AKC Standard. You can click on a direct link to this on our home page (the links located on the right hand side of page).


Intelligence: High in some areas and low in others. There may be a different standard of evaluation for different breeds and not every dog of one breed is equal. Frenchies adapt to the environment and cues they get from people in their environment. Many are independent and stubborn by nature, but they thrive on attention, delight in seeing their owner’s excited responses & will do anything for a pat or praise, so it is easy to socialize a French Bulldog.


Activity: Medium-Low


Care/Exercise: The French Bulldog has minimal exercise requirements, although it is a fun-loving dog. It enjoys a romp outdoors, but it doesn’t do well in hot, humid weather. Most cannot swim. A short walk on lead is sufficient to meet most of its physical needs. This breed cannot live outdoors. The Frenchie snores and may wheeze and pant after little exercise. It is a hardy, entertaining home companion and a solid lap dog, but does enjoy playing, some enjoy jumping in kiddie pools, chasing balls or chasing little creatures…they are funny dogs who enjoy fun lives.


Health Issues: Because of their short nose they tend to snore and have some breathing problems.


Life Span: 10-14 years.


Litter size: 2-5

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