Before you buy a Frenchie


Moet enjoys a pop on a hot day. 


French Bulldogs or as the French say “Bouledogue Francais” are also called:

“Frenchies”, “Frog Dogs”, and “Clown Dogs”. They make wonderful pets, they

are happy, loving & constantly amusing you with the funny things they do.

Their muscular, compact, stocky bodies, beautiful smooshed faces and the

trade mark Bat Ears really make them irresistible! French Bulldogs are small

in size, but they are quite large in personality & truly are CLOWN dogs. They

bring endless amounts of joy, love, & laughter. We are fortunate to share our

lives with these little blessings.


We encourage everyone to do their research before acquiring a dog. Every

breed has genetic weaknesses that dispose them to certain diseases, and their

temperaments (looks as well) are often why we choose one breed over another.

It is smart to know the breed you may be thinking of buying or rescuing, and

to better understand what you can do to prevent problems for your own dog if

you already have a certain breed. I enjoy helping to educate others about this

amazing breed , as there have been many that have generously helped in

educating me! Please feel free to e-mail and inquire with any of your questions.


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