MoetMrs. Moet-the Matriarch of our Frenchie family. (Now resides in her forever home with one of our best of friends Jaimie & Erik….along with 4 legged pals Bindi, Sherman, & Pippi). She lives like a Queen:) I love you so much Moet and miss you heaps and barrels. 


Mother Moet sunbathes in early pregnancy. Piper, our Boston Terrier joins in.

Mother Mo & babies

Moet and her 4 beautiful girls.

…And those girls grew up!  Take a look at them now!

Bluehill’s Milk and Honey of the Valley

Honey Pied

“Our little white snow bunny”


Bluehill’s Bindi Rejoices In Truth

Honey Pied

“Bin Bin now lives in her forever home with our very dear friends, Jaimie, Erik, and Sherman!!.”


Bluehill’s Maui Fit For His Kingdom



Bluehill’s Lalonnie Free Indeed

Fawn (mostly creme)


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