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 Our sweet lover boy is with his new family in his forever home located in Maryland!!
We’ll miss you baby boy. Make sure you give your new little sister lots of kisses and snuggles.


Cutie pie!



Our sweet “bright eyes” is a layed back little lover boy. His temperament and build are incredible!


Bluehill’s Lalonnie Free Indeed  X  Bluehill’s Major Daystar Prodigy

9-17-09- Lalonnie began labor earlier this morning and delivered 4 beautiful creme boys by c-section this afternoon. Our wonderful veterinarian called me and we both had a good laugh after she told me that they were ALL boys!! She knew that we have always predominantly had girls and so this is quite a change for us. They are very healthy, active, & nursing well already. I think she may be the best mother we’ve had yet with an amazing tolerance in temperament and what we see thus far with her attentiveness to the new little ones. The gang is all settled in, nursing, & getting some well needed rest. We will be letting everyone get adjusted the next few days and post some very early stage puppy pages very soon.
9-19-09-The sweet baby boys napping.Sweet Lonnie babies

          The Doublemint TwinsDoublemint twins

   These are Lalonnie & Major’s great works of art! 

10-9-09- The boys are still toddling around at 3 weeks old trying to figure out how to use those legs, even catching them at times trying to roll around and play with each other-too cute! When one gets stuck on his back like a pill bug and can’t get up, we all rush to save him before the cuteness overtakes us all! These little guys are just turning out beautiful. I can’t wait to see how they progress over the next 5 weeks. My daughter will soon be taking video of each one and post it within the next week or two.We’ll keep you updated!
10-23-09- At 5wks old the boys are growing into their own personalities and their little ears are up and ready to go! Fun, yips, puppy kisses, & “more food please” describe these little guys over the last week. Claude Monet (AKA: J.P.) has asserted himself as the ring leader of all attempts to remind his brothers who is in charge. He is confident, full bodied, & quite frankly just gorgeous. Leonardo Da Vinci is equally confident, 2nd in command, and giving Claude a run for his money. He is playful, doubly affectionate, & knows when it’s time to take a good nap! Vincent is a smidgen smaller than the rest of his brothers, has an absolutely beautiful deep fawn color, & the best snuggler. He has an unmatched sweetness in his expression, which I’ve not been able to catch on camera yet! As he gains confidence in the pack, I know I’ll be able to catch it in a picture soon. Picasso is my daughter’s absolute FAVORITE little man, power packed with personality and then some!! Sometimes she thinks he really DOES understand what we’re saying to him. LOL His unique markings add character and an amazing balance to his face, & it’s fun watching his nose fill in day by day. These little guys LOVE to eat and desire their soft puppy food (Innova) rather than mom’s milk at this point-it must be a “guy” thing-skipping right to the meat and potatoes! They eat just as hardy as they are stocky.Below is Leonardo basking in the beautiful Fall foliage today on his outing.Leonardo 4
11-9-09-At 8wks this Thursday, our boys have certainly changed and gotten bigger. They are enjoying the “playtime” they’ve been getting outside in this amazing weather we’ve had. J.P. continues to display confidence and exhibit assertiveness in what he needs from the world. 🙂 We’ll miss our little guy when he leaves for his forever home, but are thrilled in knowing he’s going to be with a full-time dad that we have every confidence will be providing the highest of quality care,consistancy, love, & balanced home for “Mr. Handsome”. Leonardo has turned out to be quite the little lover and “lap dog” these days. He loves to play, but would rather come running into your lap to snuggle and kiss your face until it’s sparklin’ clean. We’ve even caught him attentively watching t.v. with the kids and quietly following the cursor as it moves on my laptop! Leonardo is such a very attentive good boy.Vincent has been under “mommies’ wing” and taking naps in the evening snuggled up in my lap or my armpit most days. He has taken my heart and with mixed emotions like any Mom would feel,  I’ll be releasing him to his new Mommy in a week and a half. I take solace in that his new Mommy is so well equipped to care, love, & train him as he so deserves. He just loves his tug toys and we had just the best time today watching them all tug away at the same toy. Before you know it, J.P. would have Picasso on his back squealing away, struggling like a pill bug trying to get back on all fours. It reminded me of a Frenchie puppy video I saw once of a little one who got stuck on his back and no matter how much rocking to and fro’ trying to flip himself back up, he just remained “stuck” on his back. Picasso is our great”get along guy” with lots of Frenchie fun behaviors, who loves the security of his “den”, your lap, or snuggled in around your neck. He’s very generous with his sugar and has been doing such a great job at “potty time”. He’s not overly hyper, yet his spirit shines through in his one on one sweet loving gestures & romping fun he has with my oldest daughter.
 “Archie (aka Leonardo) is the King of his domaine! I miss you baby. Ann reports that he IS the “angel” I’ve always claimed he is. He has recently taken a road trip to Mississippi and I hear behaved like a perfect gentleman (minus that famous Frenchie “gas”. LOL). I’m so glad to know what joy he’s bringing to his new mommy. This mommy is the only other one that understands what this little guy can bring to your life. 🙂 My heart now lives in Tennessee.
11-26-09 “Happy Thanksgiving” friends and family!! I just had to pop in and share the latest “puppy tales”. The last two nights, Picasso has slept in the bed with my oldest daughter, all snuggled up in her neck. She reported that he NEVER moved from that spot all night long. He AGAIN slept with her last night and tried something new. He made his spot, all curled up, at the end of the bed and has never not once had an accident in the bed. She just loves her new bed buddy! Just recently, she has handmade a “bowler cap” for Mr. Man. She’s looking forward to her “fun pics” with him soon (will post as soon as they’re available). Leonardo (now known as “Humphrey”) has been getting his practice in (all to the benefit of his new Mom & Dad-sorry baby boy it had to be done) at sleeping alone in his crate. He’s gotten so big in just the last week that I have had to take a double take several times. It continually amazes me at how fast Frenchie puppies develop! “Humphrey” finally figured out that “J.P.” is gone and is trying to figure out if anyone has noticed that he snuck into the “lead position”. He completely dominates Picasso (he doesn’t much mind and submits), but is the funniest little guy, wagging his tail and ears back with his butt going back and forth, as you speak to him in sweet high pitch tones. Once he gets to you, he’s all “licks” and love! He just loves “baby talk” and has the cutest little trot when he walks, head high and carefree. Lately, Picasso is reminding me of my little snuggler “Vincent (now known as “Archie”) and lover boy these days. Crawling up under my chin, he has been just a tender little snuggler. Gaining speed on his development as well, he has become quite a striking little man, largely due to his very balanced markings (his nose is now fully filled in). We’ll be taking  updated pictures and share with everyone soon.
12-19-09 The snow is almost up to my knees and still falling! We’ve spent most our morning trying to dig out a spot for the dogs to potty this morning. Some were VERY impressed and others were not AT ALL!!! LOL It was funny to watch each one of them, but harder to take pictures while doing the work that was required to take everyone out:( We’re going to rest a bit and hope to take pictures later today.

1.”Pablo Picasso”-Honey Pied-Adopted by Joel & Jasmine in Maryland

To see video of “Picasso”, click here


Pablo’s new bowler cap-handmade for fun by my daughter:) We love a good laugh.


2.”Claude Monet”-Fawn-Adopted by Regino, Washington D.C.(His new name will be “J.P.”)

 To see video of “J.P.”, click here .

“J.P & Dad”-He couldn’t look more relaxed and “at home”. Dad reports that J.P. is already going to the door to let him know he has to potty! He’s such a smart boy.


“J.P. in his handsome winter coat”

“Do I potty in this mountain of snow or that mountain of snow, Dad?” LOL He’s such a beautiful boy. 



J.P. 33.”Leonardo da Vinci”-Fawn-Adopted by Devon & James, Washington D.C. (His new name is  “Humphrey”) 

To see video of “Leonardo”, click here!



Leonardo website

12-6-09 “Yes….this is MY gingerbread man!”

4.”Vincent van Gogh”-Dark Fawn-Adopted by Ann, Nashville Tennessee (His new name is “Archie”)   To see our sweet little French video of Vincent, click here!

 “Archie & Mom”-He did great flying home with his new mom and is already giving our snuggles away!

10-23-09 “Sneak ATTACK!!”


11-4-09 “Na Nanni Boo Boo!”

Vincent sticking his tongue out at me!

 12-6-09 “Archie in Tennessee having a blast at a play date. He’s such a handsome little man.”



1-Honey Pied


                  *Honey’s little super heroes


                             “Brotherly Love”                                                



                  “Photo shoot exhaustion”

Dam: Bluehill’s Honey & Milk of the Valley

*Sired by ” CH Daystar’s Behind Jacob’s Mask”

(Just won Best of Winners at Northern California French Bulldog Specialty Show

May 20th, 2011

Sire:  Champion Daystar’s Midnight Express of Airies

                         *Sired by “Multiple Group Placement Champion Daystar’s Airies of Avlis Bloa (#3 French Bulldog in U.S. in 2003)”

 *Dam: “Champion Daystar’s Liza Jane”

April 5, 2012- The boys are growing like weeds and starting to steady their legs a bit to stand. Batman reminds me of an adorable walrus trying to scoot around, Spiderman is Mr. easy going, & Flash is getting around just as his name implies:)

1. Spiderman~ Honey Pied/Male- Reserved by Josh & Whitney in Arlington VA

2. Flash~Fawn/Male-Reserved by Jeff & Tiffany in Winston-Salem N.C. (His forever name will be “Bullwinkle”)

3. Batman~Brindle/Male-Unavailable


1.”ZIGGY”-Honey Pied Male/Lynne in Madison Heights VA-ADOPTED-His new family reports he is doing fabulous and giving lots of love and kisses:) That’s our sweet boy!!IMG_20130906_174751_929

2. “Milli”-Fawn Female/Petrice & Jason/MD-RESERVED Our tiniest baby girl has two new 2 legged big brothers to play with and having lots of fun playing with her new 4 legged cousin “Totsie”(a lovingly spoiled pug in the family). LOL Can’t wait to hear about her new adventures:)



3. “Duchess”-Brindle Female/Bluehillfrenchies-RESERVED

4. “Bella Rae”-Honey Pied Female/Jeff & Tiffany/N.C.-ADOPTED   Trip Home-Total relaxation


Bella Rae’s Big Brother (also a Bluehill Frenchies’ baby) who is anxiously awaiting her arrival and his new play partner:) IMG959744

These two are now “peas in a pod”. It warms your heart to see how inseparable they are **Best of Friends**

Winkle n bellaWinkle n bella 2Winkle n bella 3Winkle n bella 4

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