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            Bluehill’s London of Daystar’s Airies


Sire: AKA CH Daystar’s Airies of Avlis Bloa (multiple group placement champion)

 Standing at stud is Bluehill’s London of Daystar’s Airies . London is an extremely affectionate and sweet American bred French Bulldog. He is registered with the American Kennel Club. Check out his parent’s pedigree to see all the Championships!! London has a great disposition and has some wonderful colors in his pedigree. 

Londons’ sire, “Airies” was ranked the #3 dog in the country in 2003 and has since passed away. You can see from his impressive pedigree that his sire, “Airies” came from the famous “Cox” line. London, being one of very few sons left of his famous father, Airies, holds an enviable pedigree to include his mother’s side as well. His mother was sired by CH Daystar’s Behind Jacob’s Mask who has gone on to show in a competition of “CHAMPIONS”, where he has won”Best of Winners” at the Northern California French Bulldog Specialty Show in 2011. Go Jacob!!

We are happy to report that London has proven to produce quite a variety of colors but better yet his offspring have shown to be well built, solid, cobby, with a beautiful square head piece and nice upturned jaw (which is desirable yet not seen very much). London has a “loverboy” temperament and was raised under the loving and generous attention of our youngest daughter primarily, as he was her full time baby. He is now 4 years old and still our “baby boy”. Some days he seems more human than dog. LOL


Airies pedigree


Jacob's pedigree

*Stud service will be $900 for the cost of the stud fee and the semen shipping. We will ship the semen to your veterinarian by Fed Ex overnight (shipping fee is additional and your responsibility to pay). If your female doesn’t settle we will re-send your veterinarian some replacement semen for the cost of the shipping. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have. We can also be reached at 1-202-643-7362.

Bluehill’s Midnight Legacy of Airies


  Sire: “CH Daystar’s Midnight Express of Airies”                   (also a son of “Airies”)

Say hello or blow a kiss to our pretty boy of pretty boys, Memphis. His hypnotic manga eyes melt us over every time. Our adorable baby boy is 2 years old and 25lbs now. Like London above, he was raised under the constant nurture, training, and care of our youngest daughter who I think both our special boys thinks is their mom;) Memphis has a special talent of “singing” along with his human mom. When our daughter sings, he also joins in the festivities and howls with her. It’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. He is extremely cobby, solid as a rock, and has a beautiful square head. In truth, I cannot fault his confirmation at all and we are just thrilled with how well he has turned out! We are pleased to report that Memphis also throws a variety of colors to include brindle/black, creme/fawn, and white/honey pied. He has proven to produce tremendous males and very cobby females. Memphis’ pedigree is equally as impressive with his champion father being a son of “Airies” and sharing the same mother as “London” above. His father, CH Daystar’s Midnight Express of Airies (AKA “Chugga”) has a most impressive pedigree (you can view below):


Chugga's pedigree0001


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