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Bluehill’s London of Daystar’s Airies


Sire: AKA CH Daystar’s Airies of Avlis Bloa (multiple group placement champion)

Londons’ sire, “Airies” was ranked the #3 dog in the country in 2003 and has since passed away. You can see from his impressive pedigree that his sire, “Airies” came from the famous “Cox” line. London, being one of very few sons left of his famous father, Airies, holds an enviable pedigree to include his mother’s side as well. His mother was even yet sired by CH Daystar’s Behind Jacob’s Mask who has gone on to show in a competition of “CHAMPIONS”, where he has won”Best of Winners” at the Northern California French Bulldog Specialty Show in 2011. You go boy! 

We are happy to report that London has proven to produce quite a variety of colors but better yet his offspring have shown to be well built, solid, cobby, with a beautiful square head piece and nice upturned jaw (which is desirable yet not seen very much). London has a “loverboy” temperament and was raised under the loving and generous attention of our youngest daughter primarily, as he was her full time baby. He is now 4 years old (27lbs) and still our “baby boy”. Some days he seems more human than dog. LOL

Sire’s Pedigree: CH Daystar’s Airies of Avlis Bloa (2003 #3 dog in country)

Airies pedigree

Dams’ Sire Pedigree: CH Daystar’s Behind Jacob’s Mask (2011 Best of Winners/Northern California Speciality Show)

Jacob's pedigree

Memphis “Bluehill’s Midnight Legacy of Airies”


    Sire: CH Daystar’s Midnight Express of Airies (also a son of “Airies” as London is)

We couldn’t be prouder of our short, beautiful, cobby boy, “Memphis”. The word handsome does not do this boy justice. He is the pretty boy of pretty boys with hypnotic and expressive eyes that melt everyone’s heart he comes into contact with. Memphis has a special talent which he shares with us when we sing loudly. He loves to sing with us and begins to howl as if he is singing along with his head thrown up in some soulful trance. It makes us laugh till we cry. Memphis surely is bubbling over with character, true to the clown personality of the French Bulldog:) He has proven to throw cremes, brindles, and fawns. We have been over the top thrilled with the body type he has put out thus far, as we are getting very cobby girls and boys, as well as brick house solid males! Our sweet boy is now almost 2 years old and 25lbs. 

His pedigree is top notch as well with a super star Champion father and sharing the same mother as “London”. You can check out his father’s pedigree below (mothers is above):

Sire’s pedigree: 

Chugga's pedigree0001

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