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Sherman gets his daily “sugar”-Jaimie and Erik are so good to him!

 “Archie in a bag”


“Archie”-Nashville TN

“Archie, my sweet baby boy” – Ann, thank you so much for all the pictures you send us. The whole family loves looking at them and hearing about all his many adventures:)

“Koji”-Singha in Blacksburg VA- Honey Pied Male 

 cimg03531“Koji going home with his new Mom & Dad”


Click below to see our snow bunny and his first snow experience.








“Pearl”-Erika in Nelson County VAHoney Pied Girl 

Click below to see a video of  sweet “Pearl” playing in the snow.



“Tuli”-Sandra in Fishersville VA                                                      



Sandy went home today with her new adoptive family. 


We’ll miss you baby girl. It’s so nice to hear that you’re sharing your kisses and hugs with your wonderful new family already!

(Jen, Aron, & big brother Maddox-Media, PA) 

sandys-parents2                   cimg95271



Click here to see video of Lundy, Sandy, & Koji playing.                               




    Do I get the treat now Mom?   img_34371

 The time this little girl has spent with us has been a tremendous blessing, as we have seen her personality and temperament season. We’ve fallen in love with her quite frankly and admit that it will be painful to see her go. Often people look for the “best” in their new pet, but quite honestly, she is such a unique and special girl, she deserves the “best”, because it’s clear to us that she offers so much love and joy daily to our family.

-Thanks Jaimie for this sweet picture of Sandy. 



“Cinnamon” (Now known as “Pierre”-Dark Fawn Male -SOLD to Nick & Maralyn in Washington D.C.  


5-9-09-Click here to see Cinnamon and his adventures:

Cinnamon boy

 cin the man


 7-12-09  Our sweet gorgeous little bull bunny “Cinnamon” joined his new family today & is enjoying his new play partner & brother “Claude”. He will be moving to Michigan with his new family soon & we can’t wait to hear how he progresses. We miss and love you little bear. 


The Hurley Family 

(Our two girls have a ready made family!)

Mishka & Kako in Mom & Dad’s arms and now apart of an amazing Frenchie family (let’s not forget “Hannah”-our favorite English Bulldog/you can’t help fall in love with her!!)

 the hurley home

Mishka sees a butterfly! Craaaaaazy:) LOL


Mishka LOVES the water!

 Mishka had a little fun in the backyard with the mud!! This one’s got spirit!!

“Are you mad at me momma?” 

Shermie Baby!!

I%27ll%20just%20sneak%20in%20here%20while%20no%20one%27s%20looking[1]Sherman “sneaking” while nobody is looking.



It’s sooo cold Ma!

Sherman comes to visit and plays with Picasso



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